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88% of Nomad Bridge exploiters were ‘copycats’ — Report

Close to 90% of addresses taking part in the $186 million Nomad Bridge hack last week have been identified as “copycats,” making off with a total of $88 million worth of tokens on Aug. 1,

Cross-chain bridge RenBridge laundered $540M in hacking proceeds: Elliptic

Cross-chain bridges have been the target of more than a few hacks this year, but new data from blockchain analytics provider Elliptic alleges one has been used to launder over half a billion dollars in

Truly decentralized Web3 needs more developers: Animoca co-founder

Animoca Brands co-founder and chairman Yat Siu has urged for more developers to enter the Web3 space, warning that without “choice” there can be no “decentralized environment.”Speaking to Cointelegraph during Korean Blockchain Week (KBW) 2022,

Binance optimistic on Philippines entry despite SEC pushback

Despite the Philippine Securities and Exchanges Commission warning the public against investing with Binance, the crypto exchange stays positive and relentless in bringing its services to the Southeast Asian country. In an interview, Binance’s head of Asia-Pacific Leon

Blockchain’s environmental impact and how it can be used for carbon removal

Climate change has become an important issue over the years due to concerns over environmental changes caused by the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Conversations have even reached the crypto space, and blockchain

What is a trading journal? And how to use one

Monitoring price changes using charts is one way to stay updated on the market trends. However, technical or fundamental analyses and tracking other market metrics are not the only means of becoming a successful trader.

BREAKING: Curve Finance team warns users to avoid using site until further notice

On Aug 9, automated market maker Curve Finance took to Twitter to warn users of an ongoing exploit on its site. The team behind the protocol noted that the issue, which appears to be an

Circle plans to only support Ethereum PoS chain after Merge is complete

On Tuesday, Circle, the issuer of the USDC stablecoin, pledged its full support for the transition of Ethereum to a proof-of-stake, or PoS, blockchain after the much-anticipated Merge upgrade. The firm views The Merge as

Game dev explains why blockchain should be ‘invisible’ in P2E gaming: KBW 2022

According to the company’s president Kyu Lee, who spoke at Korea Blockchain Week 2022 in Seoul, revealing the plan to launch a new blockchainCom2uS, the mobile game developer wants to create its own version of

‘IBC is a serious alternative for secure cross-chain communication,’ says Sunny Aggarwal of Osmosis

On August 2, the Nomad token bridge became yet another victim of cross-chain hacking after the protocol suffered a $190 million exploit. Joining a list of casualties alongside Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge and Solana’s Wormhole,