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Why did Bitcoin drop? Analysts point to 5 potential reasons

Bitcoin's price fell approximately 8% in a span of 10 minutes, leaving crypto investors scrambling to make sense of the drop. Follow up <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->Elon Musk’s SpaceX reportedly selling its Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin price briefly dips below $26K, falling to two-month lows

The price of Bitcoin fell around 8% in just 10 minutes on Aug. 17, down to levels not seen since June 20. Breaking news <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->The price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell around 8%

SpaceX sold $373M worth of Bitcoin acquired in 2021-2022: Report

Elon Musk announced in 2021 that SpaceX had some Bitcoin holdings following an SEC filing showing Tesla planned to purchase $1.5 billion worth of the cryptocurrency. News <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->Aerospace technology firm SpaceX

Bitcoin price breaks from range with drop below $28K, and options tilt toward BTC bears

About $570 million in weekly BTC options expire on Friday, and the recent macro and crypto news events have further tilted the advantage to bearish traders. Market Analysis <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->On Aug. 16,

Bitcoin support levels to watch as BTC price aims at $28K

BTC price still has "heavy support" at the $28,000 mark, with confidence still in place that Bitcoin can avoid a deeper retracement. Markets News <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->Bitcoin (BTC) is struggling to avoid further

Bitcoin bulls risk trading range loss as BTC price nears 2-month lows

Bitcoin almost breaks down from its sideways construction in place for months, and Bitcoin bulls are struggling to prop up the market. Market Update <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->Bitcoin (BTC) targeted two-month lows on Aug.

Bitcoin mining researchers claim new tech ups winning hash chance by 260%

UK-based research company Quantum Blockchain Technologies has developed algorithmic search methods that boost Bitcoin mining efficiency and reward probability, CEO Francesco Gardin says in an interview. News <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->Quantum Blockchain Technologies (QBT),

CME Group to launch BTC, ETH reference rates aimed at Asia’s investors

CME reported nearly half of its crypto volume year to date came from non-U.S. trading hours and around 11% from the Asia Pacific region. News <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->Derivatives marketplace CME Group is launching

Coinbase futures approval seen as a major win amid the war on crypto

The recent approval allows Coinbase to join the ranks of major derivative exchanges in the United States, CME, and CBOE. Follow up <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->The approval for America’s largest digital asset exchange, Coinbase,

Bitcoin price will surge past $150K if spot ETFs are approved: Analyst

Even if the filings for Bitcoin spot ETFs are rejected, Lee predicts Bitcoin’s halving event will still push up BTC's price — but not to six figures. News <!-->--><!-->Join us on social networks-->The price of